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Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that helps children, adults, and elderly people affected by injury, disease, and disability through the use of Manual Therapy, Electrotherapy, Exercise, Education, and Advice. A detailed history of your condition and examination is undertaken then treatment and a plan is introduced to help return you to function pain-free. Physiotherapy utilizes a range of techniques to achieve this. Examples that we use are:


- Joint Manipulation

- Joint Mobilisation

- Soft tissue Therapy/Massage/IASTM

- Acupuncture

- Pilates- Equipment. Mat work

- Exercise Therapy/Rehabilitation

- Strength and Conditioning

- Electrotherapy such as Compex

- Taping- K taping

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Orthopaedic Post Operative Care


 If you have had, or are about to have an operation we can assist you in your pre-op or post-operative care. After your operation, your journey to recovery should be one of a detailed rehabilitation process for your injury. By working with your surgeon and using the most up-to-date treatment and equipment, we can help guide you quickly and safely. By working closely with many of the worlds leading surgeons over the years our experience with a wide range of surgical procedures is excellent. We regularly see children, adults, and the elderly post surgery so are experts in rehabilitation.  We advise the use of the Compex and  Cry-Cuff Ice machine to help your recovery post op. Below is a small list of the most common.


- ACLR  (Anterior Curciate Ligament)

-Meniscectomy, Meniscal Repair

-Partial/Total knee replacement

-MCL/LCL Reconstruction


-Bunion surgery ( SCARF, AKIN, MI)

-Achilles Tendon repairs

-Internal Brace


- THR (Total hip replacement)

- Arthroscopy- Labrum, FAI, CAM Lesion.


- Subacromial Decompression

- Stabilisation

A list of Surgeries can be found here 

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osteoarthritis knee x ray
Physical Therapy Session

Sports and Musculoskeletal Injuries range from Tennis Elbow to Low back pain to Shoulder Impingement/Rotator cuff injuries. Sports Injuries can occur from either trauma or overuse. To address your injury a detailed history is taken and then a very specific orthopaedic examination is performed to determine the level of your injury. Sports Injuries do differ from children to adults, thus should be examined carefully. This can involve using video analysis to assess your biomechanics. This will allow the most suitable treatment and rehabilitation to return you to your fitness levels or sport. 

- Shin Splints (Medial tibial stress syndrome)

- Achilles Tendon

- Ankle Ligament Sprains

- Adductor and Groin injuries

- Hamstring Strain/Tendonopathy

- Knee Sprains

- Golfers/Tennis Elbow

- Shoulder Rotator cuff tears

-Low Back Pain

-Sciatica/Discogenic irritation

Fitness Training/Pilates
Fitness training, Strength and Conditioning, Sports specific training or Pilates can assist in improving your Strength, Mobility, Flexibility and Vo2 max adding to your function, activity or sporting performance and reduce injury occurrence. By a detailed plan, you can then achieve specific goals and objectives you may have. This may be from increasing your CV Fitness, Mobility, Functional movement or protecting a previous injury or just your general well being
Initial Plan:
- Detailed Analysis of physical history
- Physical testing assessment
- Injury prevention assessment
- Tailored Fitness specific programme
- Injury Programme
- SMART Goal setting

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