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Leg Injury

Surgical list 

A Personal Approach


Knee: total knee replacement, revision total knee replacement, arthroscopy, acl reconstruction, pcl reconstruction, mcl reconstruction, meniscal repair, meniscal debridement, washout, chondroplasty, osteochondral defect repair, patella resurfacing, arthritis, osteoarthritis, lateral release, tibial tubercle transfer, injection therapy, fracture, open reduction internal fixation, external fixation, tibial plateau fracture, osteotomy, reconstruction, steadmann’s procedure, microfracture.


Foot: Lisfranc injuries, fusion, fracture, open reduction internal fixation, injection therapy, bunionectomies, hallux valgus repair, arthritis, osteoarthritis, metatarsal fracture, Morton’s neuroma, calcaneus fracture, sub-talar fusion.

Ankle: fracture, open reduction internal fixation, medial malleolus fracture, lateral malleolus fracture, pott’s fracture, tibial plafond fracture, arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankle replacement, lateral ligament reconstruction, arthroscopy, osteotomy, injection therapy, syndesmosis injuries, fusions, Achilles repairs, microfracture, osteochondral defect repair.

Hip Surgery

Hip: total hip replacement, revision total hip replacement, Birmingham surface replacement, hip resurfacing, fracture, DHS, hemiarthroplasty, arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthroscopy, labral repair, injection therapy, osteotomy, slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE), tenotomy, reconstruction

Spine and Pelvis

Spinal: fracture, pars fracture, decompression, fusion, arthritis, osteoarthritis, discectomy, laminectomy, instrumented fusion, microdiscectomy, foraminotomy, disc replacement, injection therapy.

Pelvis: fracture, open reduction internal fixation, acetabular fracture, pubic ramus fracture, pubis symphysis repair, external fixation, osteotomy.

Shoulder: total shoulder replacement, anterior stabilisation, posterior stabilisation, slap repair, rotator cuff repair, labral repair, fracture, open reduction internal fixation, arthritis, osteoarthritis, arthroscopy, sub-acromial decompression, acj stabilisation, Laterjet stabilisation, bankhart repairs, injection therapy.

Elbow and Wrist

Elbow: ulnar nerve transposition, tennis elbow release, golfers elbow release, arthritis, osteoarthritis, tenotomy, fracture, dislocation, open reduction internal fixation, total elbow replacement, injection therapy.

Wrist: carpal tunnel release, fracture, open reduction internal fixation, arthritis, osteoarthritis, colles fracture, radial fracture, ulna fracture, smiths fracture, cystectomies, TFCC repairs, injection therapy.

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