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Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy

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Common Conditions

The Foot and Ankle can present with many injuries that may require, Physiotherapy, Podiatry intervention or even Surgery if required. With the foot having 28 different bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, and over 100 ligaments a review with a Foot and Ankle specialist should be undertaken to get an accurate assessment and treatment. We will examine your Foot, Toes, Ankle and your Lower Limb including the Knee, Hip, and Pelvis assessing Muscular Imbalances, Stability, and Strength. We may assess your gait using video analysis and a range of tests to determine the dysfunctions in your Foot and Ankle. There are many Foot and Ankle injuries that we assess and treat, examples of some of the most common injuries we see in Edinburgh Physiotherapy at our Foot and Ankle Clinic are listed below.


Consultant Orthopaedic
Foot and Ankle Surgeon 

I have known and worked closely with Stuart during his days in London. Without doubt one of my few go to colleagues for simple and particularly complex foot and ankle problems. The combination of knowledgeable and personable is golden, and Stuart has this in abundance. Would highly recommend accessing Stuart's experience and expertise for your musculoskeletal problems.

Image by Nihal Demirci

Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy  Assessment

When you visit your Foot and Ankle Specialist Physio for your assessment in Edinburgh, it involves a detailed history of your Foot or Ankle condition, a discussion of your goals, and an examination. This takes between 30 mins to 60 mins. The examination will consist of looking at your Foot, Ankle Knee, and Hip. We will check your Foot dynamically and passively to determine how your Foot functions. Due to many injuries being contributed from other areas we want to check if there are any Muscular Imbalances or Biomechanical Dysfunctions contributing. Treatment may consist of Foot mobilizations, Rehabilitation, Compex, or other interventions. Together with your Foot and Ankle Physiotherapist the best course of action will be determined at the Foot and Ankle Clinic.


Ankle injury prevention is very important in the short term when playing sports, hill walking or simply walking your dog. But the long-term implications are very important for not only reducing the ankle injury but can also positively impact the knee, hip and back. Undertaking some simple exercises that can improve balance, strength and flexibility can have very positive effects. Follow and try these 4 simple tips below or contact us to start improving your ankle injury prevention today 


 4 Ankle exercises to prevent injury 

  1. Balancing: try and stand on one leg for more than 30 secs. This can help prevent falls

  2. Perform heel/calf raises- keep these big propulsion muscles strong. Can you do more than 20?

  3. Mobility- work on your calf and ankle flexibility. Practice calf stretches with bent and straight knees.

  4. Work on your intrinsics- can you separate your toes or move the big toe on its own? 

I have seen Stuart for many of my sporting injuries such as knee and Ankle sprains from when I was playing football at AFC Wimbledon to now studying to be a PE teacher. Keeping fit is paramount for my work and well-being and Stuarts expertise has always kept me on track. First class physiotherapy service

Mr Owen Roberts.  PE Teacher, February 2021

Consultant links 

The links are to consultant surgeons whom i recommend for the expertise and knowledge

Mr Robert Clayton

Specialist Foot & Ankle Surgeon

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