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Knee Physiotherapy

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Common Conditions

The Knee can present with many injuries that may occur from trauma or from overuse and can be contributed to imbalances in the lower limb such as poor movement patterns, reduced muscular strength/endurance, poor stability or a lack of mobility. To be able to ascertain accurately the most suitable way forward we use conventional methods and digital technology in our assessment to determine not just your diagnosis but other contributing factors. There are many knee injuries and here are just some of the most common conditions listed below. 


Knee Assessment

During a visit to the Clinic in Edinburgh for Knee Specialist Physio, your knee assessment will incur a highly-skilled examination and then treatment by using the most current evidence to date. Your specific injury will dictate what your knee assessment will be as no two knees and injuries are the same. We not only assess your joint and muscles but may also assess your Lower Limb Stability, Muscle endurance and Peak force/Strength, Proprioception, Gait, Jump and Landing biomechanics. By using motion video analysis, Muscle dynamometers and other equipment we can gather the required amount of data to then give you the correct treatment, rehabilitation, and guidelines. The knee assessment will take between 30 mins to 60 mins. Once completed you and your Knee Specialist Physio will discuss the most suitable intervention and way forward.


I have known Stuart for 10 years from when I was at Chelsea FC. I have had multiple career-threatening injuries that he has helped me rehabilitate and recover from, and return to full fitness and playing again. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone who is concerned about their injury or is having problems returning to normal function or fitness as he always got me back to professional football.

Mr Adam Coombes, Footballer, ex Chelsea FC, Notts County FC.  July 2019