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Shoulder Treatment

Common Conditions

The Shoulder is compromised of the Humerus, the Scapula and Clavicle and can present with many injuries that may occur from trauma or from overuse and can contribute to imbalances in the shoulder complex that consists of 20 muscles all acting on it. Poor movement patterns, reduced muscular strength/endurance, poor stability or a lack of mobility can all contribute. To be able to ascertain accurately the most suitable way forward we use conventional methods and digital technology in our assessment to determine not just your diagnosis but other contributing factors. There are many Shoulder injuries we see in Edinburgh Physiotherapy and here are just some of the most common conditions listed below that we see. 


Shoulder Massage by therapist


During a visit to a Shoulder Specialist Physio in Edinburgh , your Shoulder assessment will incur a highly-skilled examination and then treatment by using the most current evidence to date. Your specific injury will dictate what your Shoulder assessment will be as no two Shoulders and injuries are the same. We not only assess your joint and shoulder muscles but we also assess your muscle endurance and Peak force/Strength, By using motion video analysis, Muscle dynamometers and other equipment we can gather the required amount of data to then give you the correct treatment, rehabilitation, and guidelines. The Shoulder assessment will take between 30 mins to 60 Shoulder Specialist Physio will discuss the most suitable intervention and way forward.

3 simple tips to bulletproof your shoulders

  1.  Try and keep mobile. Put one hand up your back and other down your back and try and meet them in the middle. 

  2. keep the scapula/Shoulder blades mobile.  Do shoulder shrugs up and down and forward and back.

  3. Keep  strong- work on your rotator cuff muscles to give you a stable base

Testimonials click here for more!

I saw Stuart for my Shoulder which was a rotator cuff tendon injury. I was deeply impressed at how quickly he identified the problems with my shoulder blade and the lack of mobility causing my pain. After a short period of rehabilitation and treatment, i regained normal movement and was pain-free.

Mrs S Lawrence 2019

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