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Joint Mobilisation and Spinal Manipulation


This is a form of hands-on therapy where we help to restore a joints normal range of movement that cannot be gained on our own through physiological movements. This can be very low-level amplitude or can be by spinal or joint manipulation. This helps to restore movement and reduce pain aiding in reducing movement dysfunctions preventing unwanted load on restricted tissues and structures.


Compex: This is the world-leading form of Muscle Stimulation and uses Electric impulses to your motor nerves making the muscle contract. Compex can target specific muscles you cannot during exercise helping to increase strength, endurance, and recovery. This means you can work a muscle hard without loading a joint giving gains when normal exercise and rehabilitation won't.  It can even target your slow or fast-twitch fibres giving you a real edge in rehabilitation and performance thus is used at all premiership football and rugby clubs being ahead of the game. Check it out here 

Exercise and Rehabilitation

Weights in Park

Your Exercise or rehabilitation will be based on evidence and is bespoke to your condition, abilities and lifestyle as no two people or injuries are the same. We will assess and then plan strategically the best form of rehabilitation or exercise for you. You will be guided step by step passing your outcome measures to help restore normal function or sporting performance. With Stuart being a Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, Pilates teacher and Physiotherapist you can be assured you get the highest level of expert care.


Medical Acupuncture 


This is classical specialised Acupuncture using traditional Chinese points that are used as part of a treatment or on their own for the management of pain,  and inflammation helping the body regain homeostasis.  Acupuncture is often used in addition to other techniques such as Electrotherapy and Manual Therapy.
Dry Needling is a form of Acupuncture that we utilise to help reduce Muscular tightness/Trigger points and pain.

Soft Tissue Therapy, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation)


STT or IASTM are a range of non - invasive manual techniques that are used to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions. IASTM is a form of soft tissue work performed with the use of tools while Soft Tissue Therapy will use hands and forearms. The benefits include pain reduction, improvements in
mobility that can positively impact muscle activation and strength outputs.

Biomechanical Assessment

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This is where video analysis is utilised to observe you walking, running, jumping, squatting or other movements that we have to assess to obtain accurate movement patterns and angles of dysfunctions. We then look at this together discussing your dysfunctions and can then plan your treatment and rehabilitation accordingly. This can be invaluable as through normal vision we can miss some small details or dysfunction that slow motion can observe.