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Osgoods-Schlatters Disease

What it is?


Sever’s disease (calcaneal apophysitis) is an inflammation of the growth plate in the calcaneus (heel) and is a very common cause of heel pain in growing children.

This growth area serves as the attachment point for the Achilles tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Sever’s disease is seen in children who are very physically active as the repetitive stress to the heel in running, jumping, and other high-impact activities can cause pain and inflammation in this growth area.  It most often occurs during abrupt and quick growth spurts, when bones, muscles, tendons, and other structures are changing rapidly. 

Who gets it?

  • Children and adolescents who participate in sports or are very active. Sports like athletics, football, tennis and any running and jumping sports are at an increased risk.

  • Boys 10-15-year-olds and Girls 7-13-year-olds

  • However, less active adolescents may also experience this problem, especially if they wear very flat shoes.

In most cases, Sever’s disease can be managed and treated well with the correct advice, treatment and management. 

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