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COVID- 19 Information

Clinic information

1. Clinic and Social Distancing

We have kept social distancing as much as possible and will do through our physiotherapy appointments. We are all tested regularly to help reduce any transmission of Covid. 

2. Clinic Hygiene

All equipment and hard surfaces will be wiped down after use and we are now allowing up to15 minutes after each appointment for this purpose. We have removed the fabric couch covers and will be using paper towel. Equipment used during the treatment will be cleaned and then returned back into use as appropriate.

3. Staff and Patient Hygiene (PPE)

We will be using face masks, gloves  and aprons for all patients contacts. We will be washing and sanitising our hands regularly before, during and after treatments.

We are asking all patients to wear a face mask or covering for the duration of their treatment. This is now mandatory in shops and supermarkets and as we will be in close proximity with you for more than 15 minutes, we ask that you do this too. If you do not have a face mask, we can provide one.

4. Screening and Consent for COVID19

Our governing bodies have asked us to obtain specific consent for performing face-to-face treatments and we will send you the appropriate forms prior to your appointment.

It is of great importance that you complete, sign and returns these on the day of your appointment. You will be refused treatment and re-booked if we do not have these on your record.

As part of this, we will ask you about the symptoms of COVID19 and run through some simple questions about any potential risk factors. The consent forms also cover the NHS test and trace system and we are required to share your data if required. Please note that you will need to complete one for every face-to-face treatment session that you attend.

5. Justification for Face-to-Face Treatment.

Our governing bodies have also recommended that we justify all face-to-face treatments so please do not be offended if we recommend that you are seen remotely. Your therapist will go through the justification process with you and come to a decision jointly with you regarding face-to-face vs remote physiotherapy.

6. Appointment Bookings

This can be done online through phone, email and rebooking can be done with the clinic on the day. We cannot offer drop-in due to the previously mentioned covid forms requiring completion. 

7. Communication

We will be sending all forms via email and ask you to do the same. It is of great importance therefore that we have up to date contact details for you as we don't use paper forms in the clinic

8. Invoicing and Payment

We can generate electronic invoices as required for easy online payments. You can also pay with card at the time or by BACS where possible.

Further Information

For more information on how you can take action to protect yourself and others, you can visit the NHS and GOV.UK website by clicking on the links below.

Self-Isolation and testing changes - (

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